Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wow.....Time Flies!!

Well everyone....clearly the joys of parenting have severely cut into our internet free time, thus we are posting our first update in almost 8 weeks!  

Emily is doing fantastic and Mom & Dad are loving every minute of being parents.  At her last Drs. appointment she was up to 9lbs 2oz, which was at 6 weeks.  According to our scientific method of weighing ourselves, stepping off and then getting back on with Emily we think she is now up to 10lbs 9 oz!  We will soon enough find out her real weight though at her 2 month checkup on July 1st. 

It is amazing how much she changes everyday.  She started really smiling at about 6wks and now it seem that is all she does.  She stays awake much more now that she did early on, very alert and STRONG! When holding her she just looks around and taking in the views.  We've found that ceiling fans with the lights on are by far her favorite!!  On to the important question, how is she sleeping? 

We are very lucky so far.  After starting out swaddling, then not swaddling, we realized at about 5 weeks that it is the key to her sleeping.  She is now at about 6-7 hours of consecutive sleep at night and we are slowly breaking through that last feeding barrier to where she makes it all the way to morning.  Last night she went down at about 8:30 p.m. and made it all the way until 5:00 a.m.!!  Hopefully this post doesn't jinx us, but we are hoping that in another 3-4 weeks she'll be sleeping all the way through the night consistently.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Welcome Emily Grace!

Well, our beautiful baby girl, Emily, is here and it was definitely sooner than expected!  

As of the 26th and 38 weeks we knew we were going to be induced in our 39th week due to my Gestational Diabetes and the fear that Emily may get too big for a natural birth.  When we went for a growth check Monday they said she was 7lbs 9oz!  Our OB called on Tuesday the 27th and said we were scheduled for an induction on Tuesday, May 4th.  I went to an appointment on Thursday the 29th and they did a non-stress test and I was checked and still not dilated:(.  I went from the appointment to work and met my boss, but after lunch I felt like I was having light contractions; so I went home and laid down but they didn't go away.  I called and went back to the doctor and she said it was early labor and I STILL wasn't dilated.  

Long story short, those contractions never went away, and when John and I went to the hospital and got checked at 9:00 PM I was 4 cm dilated!  Emily was well on her way and the nurse informed us we would not be leaving without our daughter!!  From there everything went very quickly; I got to my room and the contractions kept coming and kept getting stronger.  I got a little pain meds while I waited on the Epidural and rolled over to my side and BAM, broke my water!  I then got my Epidural at 7cm, and at 3:40 AM it was time to push!  I pushed for 3 contractions and then the doctor came in and got dressed, I pushed one more time and Emily Grace entered the world at 4:00 AM at 6lbs 8oz (so much for that growth check!) and 19 3/4 in.  Needless to say, our little girl was in a hurry to get here and was set on choosing her own birthday.

Because Emily made such a quick entrance into the world she needed a little extra attention from the nurses but she did great and we were able to have her with us the entire stay and we came home yesterday, the 2nd.

Here are some pictures of out little one, who has already blessed our lives in more ways than we can even begin to describe!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

First entry: Emily's Room

Ok everyone, here we go...

This is our first try at this blogging thing, but we thought what better way to start an adventure than with another new adventure?  The upcoming arrival of our daughter, Emily Grace, who is set to join us in just 14 short days.  We are so excited and wanted to share how cute her nursery turned out; it was a ton of work, but it finally all came together.  All we can say is, she better like pink or we are in deep trouble.  We hope we get the hang of this and thank you for giving us a peek:)